About us

Meet the Crew:

The ALKION ll was founded by CAPTAIN MIKE in early 1993 himself a keen fisherman from the age of 4 going out on his families fishing boat with his father it made the sea his passion and from a very young age has been handling boats and throwing nets until today CAPTAIN MIKE still goes out on his fishing boat catching fresh fish and supplying the local restaurants .He has been the Alkion ll captain going on 25 years now a man with vast and greatalkion experience of the sea ,thats why he decided to name the boat alkion which in mythology is derived from the word Alkionides which are the halcyon days ,the calm bright days in the midst of winter that the gods gave to the kingfishers to enable them to hatch their eggs .The mythical bird, is usually idenified with the kingfisher,which is said to have the power of charming the waves and winds into calmness.

Captain Michael


Alkion II
- 67 ft glass bottom boat
- Capacity of 70 persons
- Snack Bar (cocktails, beverages)
- Sun deck and glass bottom deck
- 120 Life Jackets and 4 life rafts
- Two 400 hp Cummins engines
- Communication systems and depth alarm
- WC’s and shower